If I cut my irons down which were regular flex shaft down to my desired length will they actually play like an extra stiff shaft? During each fitting, I did start out with a standard length club and found something I liked. Good luck with the process, and if you get a chance, update us on what you figure out! I was amazed on something so small could do so much. I appreciate the respect of the heritage of golf, and I hope both he and you really enjoy your return to the game but while I am suspicious of the lengths of modern clubs, the improvements in club-head designs and shafts in recent years are amazing and helpful. Again, someday hopefully the manufacturers will let me have all of the above. I have had to add lead tape to the cavity to get the swing-weight back up a little, but I am very comfortable with them.

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Thanks for the info I feel more confident than ever in my golf game! I find it interesting that somebody actually fitted you for under-length clubs—pretty rare! BUT here is my argument, and possible tsylormade, as to why the 11 year old driver still sneaks its way into my bag. All I have to say is the club length matters the most when your not the tallest person. Dave Martinez 1 year ago. Robot can be set to how to adjust taylormade r7 quad at different speeds Right?

TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

Hope it stays that way! But in my case, it created a slower clubhead speed.

My distances averaged before with long standard length: Thanks for confirming that we are not all crazy trying to play the clubs that are off the rack. After many how to adjust taylormade r7 quad on line searching for help, this may be the first information that I have found that may help me get my game on track.

Shafts 10 years ago do not perform as well as shafts of today. If you have how to adjust taylormade r7 quad chance, have someone put a little pressure on your forehead while you take a few swings. Yes, you can count on the swing-weight dropping, and there are likely to be modest effects on the flex and balance of the clubs.

Wish I was closerto you. Testers had driver swing speed of mph.

Basically a wash as far as ball speed and spin is up with launch down. Seamus Crawford 1 year ago.

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Why All the Hype About Hygge? Roll on 20 years and she loves that game thanks to the great help she gets from GI irons. As you said, it makes the sole of the club lay flush on the ground.

To me, the first RBZ driver was easiest to control. My distances are greater and my accuracy and ball-striking are much better too than it was with the over-length clubs. Even rpm results in only 2 more yards loss That would say that we should be launching the ball higher and not worry about spin how to adjust taylormade r7 quad rpm with mph ball speed since no launch angles lower than 19, at any spin result, how to adjust taylormade r7 quad more carry.

With your shorter club, you are able to swing more aggressively and make better contact. For years, and with many average golfers, I have seen how the setup and then the swing can be made less effective by long clubs. But to go back to your first statement, stock shafts should have been used to bit not the same one.

If you have tried solving this puzzle, how to adjust taylormade r7 quad can confirm that your first attempts usually involve sketching lines inside the imaginary square. Will the impact be dramatic if cut down an inch? TIP trimming is cutting the shaft at the tip end by the clubhead. We are just here to learn and provide valuable info to consumers. I have a TM CBT driver with 3 screw weights that I can use for the testing as it will allow me to change the swing weight as I try shorter shaft lengths just by changing out the screws with different ones.

It seems that you are taking the “thinking outside the box” TOTB metaphor much more literally than it is intended or, at least, as I and may others infer.

I still use the R7 stiff and wouldnt change if for the world, so what i may be 14 yards behind the M1 but sometime you can be too long! I would appreciate any guidence… Regards, Dave. Mel Creighton 1 year ago. It makes no sense and gives you inaccurate results. From our Word of the Year announcement: This looks like a rehash how to adjust taylormade r7 quad mark crossfield comparing the m1 to the sldr s…however, in that instance, the sldr s not 9nky held its own, but bettered the m1 in real world scenarios.

I then choked down on the grip a full 2. I do have a backup set of irons and another driver I that I just might cut down. So all other factors equal, the driver that produces the greater spin loft how to adjust taylormade r7 quad also produce the straighter ball flight. Very few amateurs have this same appearance at address, and I think it shows up in their swing planes and quality of contact.

Or use the middle of the club as a fulcrum, and relate the mass on each half.

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Travis 1 year ago. YES, I am thinking of going to a shorter driver. That could explain some of the difference in ball speed and dispersion. I still think that you are up to something and this is not a misjudging question at all.

Alex Hardin 1 year ago. Should make for a fun time trying out different weights in the head. Ryan 1 year ago. I live on a course, so get to hit driver frequently. I top the ball alot too. The how to adjust taylormade r7 quad group was told that the solution required the lines to be drawn outside the imaginary box bordering the dot array.

With standard length irons with standard lie angles, I noticed they were a little upright with me.